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Our Mission

To provide our students with the experience, knowledge,

and skills to enjoy music for a lifetime.

Adult Student Profile

Many of our students are adult professionals, who for some reason or other decided to take up a musicial instrument. Some had had previous musical experience when they were younger, while others on a whim, decided one day that they were going to learn to play something—and did something about it.

We thought it would it would be interesting to find out just what motivated some of our older students to embark upon their musical mission (and what they do in their real lives when not aspiring to super stardom). So here are some profiles of a few of the many adult students that have made that committment to learning how to play.


Keith DeYoung

Day Gig: Ferrier

Had been playing a long time but it was hit or miss. He finally decided he needed to learn to do it right so he came to us.

"My instructor Dan puts it in ways I understand, and after every lesson I know I've got more than my money's worth!"

Michelle Croasdale

Day Gig: Regional sales manager for a pharmaceutical company.

She played piano as a child, but always wanted to be in a rock band. Recently, her husband bought her a guitar and himself some drums so they could start their own band.

Kurt Gibbs

Day Gig: Architect

No previous experience. He decided one day that he "really liked the sound of the bass," so he bought himself one.

Kurt has been with us now for one and a half years as of 2/20/06

Chuck Wilson

Day Gig: ReMax Real Estate Agent

Chuck had messed around with basic rhythm guitar for a while, but then decided he wanted to solo in the blues style, play like Chet Atkins and write, record and produce his own music and original versions of cover tunes. CLICK HERE to hear.

chuck wilson redondo guitar school student in a guitar lesson with instructor mark fitchett

Elaine Zinngrabe

Day Gig: General manager of Daily Pilot Newspaper companies.

Elaine played for 10 years as a child, but quit when she was 16. She decided to give piano a second chance as an adult and now there is no stopping her!

Dale Bolen

Day Gig: Accountant

Dale has played on and off since high school and decided to take lessons to improve on technique and needed some balance in his life.

dale bolen redondo guitar school student in a guitar lesson with instructor dan krier

Joe Castan

Day Gig: Aerospace Engineer

Played as a kid and always liked it so he kept playing on and off, but mainly rhythm. About 12 years ago he decided to get a little more serious and started taking lessons for classical, jazz and blues.

joe castan redondo guitar school student in a guitar lesson with instructor mark fitchett

J. T.

Day Gig: Federal Law Enforcement

Wants to become a blues guitarist and perform. He took up the guitar about a year and a half ago to relieve the stress of his job.

picture of guitar in redondo beach office no instructor or student

Pam Teren

Day Gig: Lawyer

Pam studies guitar with one of her boys, and piano with the other. She has just started a band where she sings and plays back up keyboards.

John Whang

Day Gig: Clothing Distributor/Importer

John got his first guitar at age 14. He took some lessons when he was younger and then took 10 years off to start a family. He is studying jazz and blues improvisation now and intends on being in a band. Listen to John at one of our improv workshops. CLICK HERE to hear.

john whang redondo guitar school student in a guitar lesson with instructor mark fitchett

George Gonzales

Day Gig: Delivery Driver

Likes to relax with the guitar and enjoys learning scales and improvising.

Brian Berliner

Day Gig: Patent Attorney

Brian is focusing on the blues and is getting proficient at the Stevie Ray Vaughn style.

Stan B

Day Gig: Lawyer

Stan enjoys tearing a song apart from top to bottom and loves the details. Even though he would like more time to practice, Stan realized that coming to a lesson every week would create an improvement and he'd be further ahead than if he had never started. After over six years Stan has covered a lot of challenging material and is doing very well.



It's never too late to start playing an instrument! Isn't about time you trade in that air guitar for the real thing?













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