All piano students at the Redondo Beach location South Bay School of Music and the Long Beach School of Music are assisted in developing and working towards musical goals.  Following are programs which are available for students in the piano program at the school:

South Bay School of Music and Long Beach School of Music Piano Recitals

Quarterly recitals in front of a warm and receptive audience of other students and their families provide a non-threatening

opportunity for piano students of all ages and ability levels to perform.  Regular recitals (held in both Redondo Beach and Long Beach locations) are wonderful opportunities which keep even the most timid students on track towards their musical goals.  All students are given thorough instruction on memorization of piano pieces, practice routines at home, recital dress, behavior and performance practices before giving their first "public" performance.

Music Teachers Association of California - Long Beach and South Bay Branches

Eligible classical and jazz piano students may compete for scholarships and other honors offered by the Music Teachers Association of California's South Bay / Redondo Beach and Long Beach branches.  Music Teachers Association -South Bay and Long Beach branches offer a range of competitive and non-competitive opportunities for student growth. Following are just some of the programs which are available:

Certificate of Merit
Southern California Junior Bach Festival
Music Teachers Association Branch Recitals
Composers Today
Improvisation Celebration Festival
Adult Performance Seminar
Sonata / Sonatina Festival
Solo Piano / Concerto Competition

High-achieving piano students may also be invited to perform at the annual Music Teachers Association State Convention. Extremely exceptional piano students may audition for Young Artist Guild (YAG) and Young Composers Guild (YCG) through the Music Teachers Association (see to find out more about YAG and YCG).

Southwestern Youth Music Festival (SYMF)
Piano students with strong performance skills (age 7 - 25) compete in the annual Southwestern Youth Music Festival.  This extremely popular event draws over 3,400 students each year from all over Southern California to compete for prizes in piano, strings, woodwinds and vocal divisions.

National Piano Guild Auditions
All eligible piano students participate in annual National Piano Guild Auditions.  This venerable program began in the 1930's and is popularly known as "National Piano Guild".  Guild "Auditions" are sponsored by the National Guild of Piano Teachers division of the American College of Musicians, and are held by appointment only in selected locations in the Redondo Beach / Long Beach areas May through June of each year.  

Piano Teachers at The Piano Program
Our piano teachers are members of the Music Teachers Association of California, the National Guild of Piano Teachers (American College of Musicians), and Southwestern Youth Music Festival, and are well-versed in the curriculum and performance requirements for National Piano Guild, Southwestern Youth Music Festival, Certificate of Merit, and other above-mentioned programs.