Back to School Fall Recital 2006

Sunday September 24th from 1:00-4:00 PM at the Golden Lotus Restaraunt in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Blues Jam Recital 2006

Sunday June 11th from 1:00-4:00 PM at the Golden Lotus Restaraunt in Rancho Palos Verdes.

$10,000 of Music Scholarships in 2006

Spring Jam 2006

Sunday March 26th from 1:30-3:30 PM at the Golden Lotus Restaraunt in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Works in Progress Recital-Winter 2006

Sunday February 26th from 1:30-3:30 PM at the Golden Lotus Restaraunt in Rancho Palos Verdes. click here for photos / click here for video highlights

Fall Jam 05 Recital

Last Sunday in November from 1:30-3:30 PM at the Golden Lotus Restaraunt in Rancho Palos Verdes. Click Here to see Guitar School recital video. Photos

Works in Progress Recital-Fall 2005

Sunday September 18th from 2-4 PM. This recital will be held next door at ther Palos Verdes Inn. Sign ups are now! Photos


The April Sunday jam session workshops were incredibly fun for me. I would like to thank all of you "jammers" for coming out. I plan on doing more of these in the future so keep checking in with me. Photos

The March 20th 2005 recital at Suzy's was awesome! I would like to personally thank all who participated. Everyone played great. Photos

The "Works in Progress" was very successful. I enjoyed hearing all of the students perform their various pieces. Photos


A "Works in Progress" recital will be held at the school on Sunday Feb. 27 from 4-6 PM.

1) Chris Pierce - Guitar
Instructor: Tim Wingate
“Let It Be” by The Beatles

2) Kasey Mandelbaum – Guitar
Instructor: Mark Fitchett
“Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd

3) Kaelee Epstein– Guitar
Instructor: Mark Fitchett
All American Rejects song

4) Alex Wright - Guitar
Instructor: Tim Wingate
“Bony-uar Stomp” by Led Zepplin

5) Theresa Kammermeier – Bass,
Jake Larsen – Guitar
Instructors: Mark Fitchett & Tim Wingate
“Blues Jam” Original Improvisation

6) Adam Greenway – Guitar
Kyle Greenway – Guitar
Instructor: Ryan Faye
“Help” by The Beatles

7) Cody Dill – Piano
Instructor: Lisa Kato
“Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple

8) Ryan Silva – Guitar
Jim Cody - Bass
Instructor: Mark Fitchett
“Iron Man” by Black Sabbath

9) Marshall Conrad – Guitar
Instructor: Tim Wingate
“Tangerine” by Led Zepplin

10) Ashleigh Troutman – Guitar
Instructor: David Green
“Cradle Song” by Brahms

11) Katelyn Henderson
Instructor: Dan Krier
“Horse With No Name” by America

12) Brian Campbell – Bass
Instructor: Tony Alvarez
“Black Magic Woman” by Peter Green
(as performed by Santana)

13) Ivan Knowles – Guitar
Instructor: Dan Krier

14) Kylie Butler – Guitar & Vocals
Instructor: Mark Fitchett
“Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple

15) Michael Katzer – Guitar
Scott Wilson – Guitar
Shant Ohanessian - Bass
“D Jam” Original Improvisation
Instructors: Mark Fitchett & Tony Alvarez

16) Miles Lillard – Dobro
Austin Lillard – Banjo
Instructors: Mark Shark & Mark Fitchett
“Wildwood Flower”

17) Jordan Davis – Guitar
Instructor: Mark Fitchett
“Pinball Wizard” by The Who



Our 2005 Spring recital will be Sunday March 20, at Suzy's Bar & Grill in Hermosa Beach from 2-6 PM

Mark Shark has come back to LA and is teaching at the Guitar School.


On August 6th 2004, Regina Klenjoski Dance Company''s Hollywood debut at the John Anson Ford Amphiteatre was a smashing success! Mark Fitchett performed his original score (for "Love Lies Waiting") with a 9 piece orchestra consisting of 2 violins, viola, cello, flute, 2 percussionists and himself on acoustic guitar. The ensemble was conducted by Stephanie Schwartz.

Read a thoughtful, well written review by Laura Dennis, writing for the Easy Reader or Diane Monroe, writing for the Beverly Hills Outlook .

The original score for "LOVE LIES WAITING" composed by Mark Fitchett for Regina Klenjoski's Dance Company (RKDC) was recently nominated for a Lester Horton award for best music for dance in 2003.


Sunday August 15th 2 P.M. 2004

The Guitar School Summer Jam 2004 student recital at Suzy's Bar & Grill in Hermosa Beach was a huge success. We would like to thank all the students and teachers that participated. Everyone sounded great! There was a huge variety of music, and a lot of people commented how professional it sounded. Some of the styles represented were country, blues, hard rock, classic rock, folk, jazz, ska, reggae and alternative rock. A very entertaining two hours.

Next Recital March 2005

Check out  photos in the Gallery.


Scott Rasak (Guitar) "Tears In Heaven" (Instructor: Tim Wingate)
Eric Clapton


Toby Rider (Guitar) "Greyhound to Roswell" (Instructor: Mark Fitchett)
Jerry Zinn

Jeff Jameson (Bass) "Little Sunflower" (Instructor: Tony Alvarez)
Freddie Hubbard

Christie Jack (Guitar) "Take Five" (Instructor: Ryan Faye)
Paul Desmond

Rob Sherman (Guitar) "A Dorian Jam" (Instructor: Mark Fitchett)
Rob & Mark

Kenny Ledford (Guitar) "Thrill Is Gone" (Instructor: Tim Wingate)
B.B. King

Chuck Wilson (Guitar) "Before You Accuse Me" (Instructor: Mark Fitchett)
E. McDaniel

Matt Plisken (Guitar) "E Phrygian Jam" (Instructor: Mark Fitchett)
Matt & Mark

Brian Keenan (Bass) "Down On The Corner" (Instructor: Tony Alvarez)

Tony Collette (Guitar) "S.S.J.F." (Instructor: David Green)
Tony Collette

Robert Muraoka (Guitar) "Stolen Moments" (Instructor: Mark Fitchett)
Oliver Nelson

Daniel Kauffman (Bass) "Ska Mode Jam" (Instructor: Mark Fitchett)
Daniel & Mark

Donna Butler (Vocals & Guitar) "Isn't It Ironic" (Instructor: Mark Fitchett)
Alanis Morrisette

Ryan Hagen (Guitar) "Emi Progression" (Instructor: Mark Fitchett)
Ryan & Mark

Emily Bergen (Vocals & Guitar) "Away" (Instructor: Mark Fitchett)
Three Doors Down

Brent Canter (Guitar) "Solar" (Instructor: Mark Fitchett)
Miles Davis

Teacher Jam "Open Jam"

Thanks to the backup band:

Drums         Gary Liebsack

Bass            Tony Alvarez

Keyboards  Joe Kennedy

The next recital will be in March 2005


Upcoming Performance

This summer, catch the Regina Klenjoski Dance Company twice...

RKDC at the Brand
Love Lies Waiting
excerpt performance and discussion
Sunday, June 27 at 3 PM

Brand Library & Art Center
1601 West Mountain Street
Glendale, California 91201-1200
(818) 548-2051

The Associates of the Brand Library will host the Regina Klenjoski Dance Company as part of its annual Dance Series at the Brand Library Galleries June 27, 2004.  RKDC will perform an excerpt of Love Lies Waiting , their signature work about the human condition and our need for connection as we struggle to recognize the importance of intimacy in our lives.[It] tells the story of one individual's journey from a defiant state of aloneness to a newfound sense of community. After Love Lies Waiting premiered in Torrance in 2003 reviewer Joseph Sirota, writing for Easy Reader, stated "Each dance chapter radiates its core beauty, power and poignancy.More than dance, this is wordless, timeless, cathartic fable telling." Love Lies Waiting was recently nominated for three Lester Horton Dance Awards including Outstanding Achievement in Choreography and Outstanding Achievement in Music For Dance. There will be a Q & A after the performance where choreographer Regina Klenjoski and composer Mark Fitchett discuss their inspiration and collaboration. This program is supported by the Associates of the Brand Library & Art Center and the Glendale Public Library, a Division of the City of Glendale. 

RKDC at the Ford **ONE NIGHT ONLY**
Love Lies Waiting

The program consists of the acclaimed title work plus two World Premieres, A Lullaby for Cristian and Streetscapes.
Friday, August 6 at 8:30 PM
John Anson Ford Amphitheatre
2580 Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood.
RESERVATIONS AND INFORMATION: Please call the Ford Box Office at 323-GO-1-FORD (323-461-3673) or log on to www.fordamphitheatre.org
Tickets: $25. Full-time students and children under 12, $12.

See RKDC encore the radiant, soaring Love Lies Waiting with a live 12 piece orchestra and witness choreographer Regina Klenjoski premiere A Lullaby for Cristian , in her first solo appearance in Los Angeles. I nspired by her own experiences as a new mom the dancer paints an intimate portrait of her transition from the role of artist and wife to mother. A second premiere, Streetscapes , has the entire company on stage in an abstract commentary about how our lives merge, intersect and collide within a bustling society. With original sound score by Drew Schnurr, costumes by Horton Award winner Denise Lichter and set design by Shanan Brown. 

RKDC is supported in part by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the Cultural Services Division of the City of Torrance.

If you would like to be notified of other dance events and dance classes in the LA area please respond with "dance list" in the subject line. If you would like to be removed from our announcement list please respond with "remove" in the subject line. 

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