Mark Fitchett’s Band Project

This project has been fermenting in the back of my mind for some time now. I’ve always written songs, but often with other artists in mind. Then, a couple of years ago I started writing simpler almost folk-like songs. This was a refreshing change from the complexities of the jazz music I have been writing and performing for the last ten years. These songs also felt and sounded good with me singing and so I decided to write some arrangements and record them.

The instrumentation I chose to work with was electric and acoustic bass and guitar, piano, organ, mandolin, accordion, percussion and a string quartet (2 violins, viola and cello). I’ll have to say that the strings were an afterthought. It was actually after the recent acquisition of a cello (on which I immediately learned to play “Play That Funky Music White Boy”) that I became obsessed with its sound and saw its potential as an instrument in a non-classical setting.

I had recently written an hour of music for Regina Klenjoski’s Dance Company’s “Love Lies Waiting” concert last Spring which featured a string quartet in a non-classical environment, along with guitar, flute, acoustic bass and percussion. The compositional success of that score very much influenced my decision to include strings in my current arrangements.

I love all kinds of music, so depending on the song, there could be hints of blues, rock, country, jazz and who knows what else lurking within my material. As well, each member of the band has their own influences and experiences to draw upon and add to the musical stew.

Another exciting thing for me is the “open jamming” aspect of some of the music where the band gets to stretch out a little and show off their improvisational skills. This is a huge part of what I do as a musician and I’ll always look forward to the chance to create “fresh” music out of thin air in front of a live audience.

Our first "show" Sunday September 5th, Labor Day Block Party at Lisa Kato's

No strings unfortunately.

The Band:

Mark Fitchett:

Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars and Mandolin

Lisa Kato:

Vocals, Piano, Organ, Accordion, Guitar and Percussion

Joe Kennedy:

Vocals, Piano,Organ, Accordion and Guitar

Tony Alvarez:

Electric & Acoustic Bass


Gary Liebsack:



String Quartet


MP3 music that Mark has written and or performed.



These are great flyers my friend Gabe Krieswirth drew for me for various jazz gigs I did a while back.

Gabe Art

Gabe Art Work


Here is a Link to my Web Page devoted to Guitar Solos & Various Improvisations as well as Original Music: www.markfitchett.net

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